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Officer of the Month

This award is to recognize the efforts of an individual with the rank of patrol officer, whether assigned to our Patrol Division or one of our special units, who has demonstrated exceptional dedication in the performance of his/her duties during the previous month. This could be from either a single incident or event, or from consistently performing at a high level during the entire month. The award is intended to recognize the efforts of officers that may not necessarily rise to the level of a commendation.

March 2021

This month’s LPD ‘Officer of the Month’ is Officer Thomas Hazard, who is currently assigned to the First Division. Officer Hazard’s nomination was submitted by Lieutenant Richard Donnelly on behalf of the First Division Command Staff, in recognition of his efforts over the past month.
In his written nomination, Lieutenant Donnelly noted that Officer Hazard began his career as a Lynn Police Officer in 1998, and has never received this honor before. He also relayed that Officer Hazard worked on the street for 20 years, and started working in the house in 2018. As reported by Lieutenant Donnelly, “he sits and takes the third position located directly behind the Lynn and Swampscott Dispatchers every night, he is a professional in this position; and is the key coordinator of information between all the 911 call-takers, dispatchers and the Commanding Officer.”
Lieutenant Donnelly also stated that “Officer Hazard is an expert at using CJIS, CAD, 911 terminal, Cop Link and all the websites that are available to help law enforcement officers in a time of  crisis; and it is during these times of crisis (phones ringing off the hook and cruisers calling into the station), that he stands out.”  According to Lieutenant Donnelly, “Officer Hazard is always calm and steady and does his best to keep everyone safe and provide the information that is needed.” In addition, “Officer Hazard is a great multi-tasker and has the ability to jump back and forth from a crisis situation to a parking problem with no change in his demeanor.”
The following are two examples provided by Lieutenant Donnelly of the most recent incidents that demonstrate Officer Hazard’s “ability and professionalism”.
On Friday March 5, 2021, at approximately 1904 hours, Car 08 reported that a 16 year old child stole his father’s car and had threatened suicide by driving the vehicle car into a wall, at speeds of over 100 mph. The cruiser dispatched gave the information out to all cars and cleared the scene. Officer Hazard then contacted the child’s father and obtained more information.  Officer Hazard pinged the child’s cellphone and was able to determine the child’s location as the motor vehicle was traveling on the highway toward Western MA. Officer Hazard received updated ping information and the car’s location every 15 minutes, and communicated this information to the State Police. The child and the car were found unharmed by the State Police in Lunenburg at 2058 hrs. Officer Hazard was the point of contact between the State Police, the father, the mother (who lives in Fitchburg), and the child. After much communication, it was determined that the child would be released to his mother, who was going to take him to the hospital.
On Saturday March 6, 2021, at approximately 1748 hours, Officer Hazard received a 911 phone call from two young female hikers lost in Lynn Woods after dark.   The girls had somehow hiked off a trail and were trapped in a deeply wooded area around Walnut Street and near Birch Pond. Officer Hazard kept the girls calm while trying to pinpoint their location using the 911 towers. Officer Hazard took the lead and coordinated a team effort with the other 911 operators and dispatchers who assisted in pinpointing the girls’ location. The girls were found by Officer Ralph Sirois at approximately 1900 hours near a cliff overhanging Birch Pond. Officer Sirois had been directed to the location by the dispatchers, using trails located behind the Special Needs Camp off Pennybrook Road. 
          As stated by Lieutenant Donnelly, “these are just the two most recent examples, and there are many more. Officer Thomas Hazard is a team player, does not look for credit, and does his job consistently during every shift.”
Congratulations and thank you to Officer Hazard for a job well done.

February 2021

This month’s LPD ‘Officer of the Month’ is Officer Edward Cauley, who is currently assigned to the Third Division. Officer Cauley’s nomination was submitted by Lieutenant Lawrence Wentzell in recognition of his efforts over the past month.
Lieutenant Wentzell reported that in early January, the LPD was contacted by the ward councilor about ongoing quality of life issues on Circuit Avenue and High Rock Tower Park. On January 14, 2021, a resident of High Rock Street addressed these issues in an email and included several videos that he had taken on his cell-phone showing an encounter that he had with two male parties who had parked in the circle at the entrance to the park. One of these individuals openly threatened the resident several times and challenged him to a fight, then removed a “fanny pack” from one of the parked motor vehicles and threatened him again, while giving the indication that it contained some type of weapon. Neither of these parties was identified.
Officer Cauley subsequently met with the resident, and conducted a thorough investigation; which included researching the registration numbers of several vehicles that were parked in the area at the time of the incident, tracking down the owners and ultimately identifying the two individuals involved.  Office Cauley’s investigation resulted in a Threats complaint against the aggressor in the incident.  Lieutenant Wentzell also noted that Officer Cauley, along with other officers, have since been actively involved in a proactive department response to address the issues in this neighborhood, which includes meeting with residents and continuing to conduct regular patrols of the area.
Lieutenant Wentzell also relayed that on January 15, 2021; a 911 call was received in which a male caller reported a bomb threat at the Lynn District Court. Officer Cauley was among the officers who responded to the courthouse, and suspected that the person who made the threat was someone he had dealt with on a recent call. After the building was cleared, Officer Cauley listened to the 911 tape and immediately identified the suspect. Officer Cauley and his partner Officer Anthony Masucci then located the suspect, gathered additional pertinent information, and placed him in custody. During the arrest, the officers found a bag containing over 20 grams of Fentanyl inside the prisoner’s boot, which resulted in an additional charge of Trafficking a ClA substance.
As stated by Lieutenant Wentzell, “these two incidents are typical examples of the professional, thorough and diligent work that Officer Cauley brings every day. He is respectful with everyone he comes in contact with, and is knowledgeable about the people and problems on his route. He is a daily example to his fellow officers.”
Congratulations and thank you to Officer Cauley for a job well done.

January 2021

 This month’s LPD ‘Officer of the Month’ is Officer Kalene Kouch, who is currently assigned to the First Division. Officer Kouch’s nomination was submitted by Lieutenant Richard Carrow, who wanted to recognize her for her efforts.
As reported by Lieutenant Carrow, “Officer Kouch generally works Car 8, 12 or 16 and does an outstanding job. “  He noted that in the recent months she has often been paired alongside a newer officer in a training role, “due to her dependability and understanding of the patrol procedures and functions.” According to Lieutenant Carrow, “Officer Kouch works well with all of her brother and sister officers, and accepts any and all responsibilities that are asked of her, without question.”
He explained that “while not pointing to any one particular incident, she is very diligent, extremely conscientious and has a dogged determination in her work ethic. In additional, she writes a very well-read and complete report, and is always prepared to back up her fellow officer, regardless of the danger involved.”   Lieutenant Carrow also stated that “what Officer Kouch lacks in size and stature, she certainly makes up in heart and intestinal fortitude, two traits that I consider priceless.”
In conclusion, Lieutenant Carrow pointed out that “in addition to her normal patrol duties, Officer Kouch is a Special Weapons trained officer and also recently completed the Crisis Intervention training, adding that “Officer Kouch is extremely squared away in her appearance and demeanor representing the Lynn Police Department.”
Congratulations and thank you to Officer Kouch for a job well done.

December 2020

This month’s LPD ‘Officer of the Month’ is Officer Eric Castillo, who is currently assigned to the First Division. Officer Castillo’s nomination was submitted by Deputy Chief Leonard E. Desmarais, in recognition for his initiative and devotion to duty, and is as follows:
On December 1, 2020, Officer Castillo was off-duty and picking up a food order on Union Street, when he observed what he believed to be criminal activity at a nearby business. Officer Castillo approached the establishment in order to get a better view of what was occurring inside. His observed a female party in the midst of a shoplifting attempt. He identified himself and began to detain the female suspect. A male accomplice of the female suspect, who had been loitering nearby, began to aggressively approach Officer Castillo, in an attempt to interfere and allow her to escape custody. Officer Castillo clearly identified himself to the male party and directed him to stay clear, while still detaining the female suspect. On-duty officers subsequently arrived on scene and placed both parties under arrest for several charges. The male party, who has a serious criminal history, was additionally charged with Trafficking, due to an amount of fentanyl found on him at Booking.
Congratulations and thank you to Officer Castillo for a job well done.