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Lynn Police Commendations

Many times, Lynn Police Officers go “above and beyond” what is usually expected of them during their normal tour of duty. As a result of these actions, the Lynn Police Chief will issue commendations to these officers for their dedication to duty and exemplifying the high standards of the Lynn Police Department.

Listed are some of the commendations issued by Chief Kevin F. Coppinger.

Sergeant Timothy Magner, Officer Michael Crosby,
Officer Daniel Destefano, Officer David Hunter
 On September 30, 2016, at 1324 hours, Officer Daniel Destefano and Officer David Hunter (Car 15) were dispatched to a Franklin Street apartment after receiving a report of a female guest refusing to leave. Upon arrival at the building, the officers encountered a male party who explained that he had allowed a female acquaintance to sleep at his apartment for the past few nights, but had asked her to leave after she began exhibiting bizarre behavior, including “chanting about the devil.”
The officers approached the apartment and could hear loud screaming from someone inside. The male party opened the door and the officers immediately observed a female party already known to them sitting on a small table in the corner, next to the couch. She was screaming incoherently and appeared to be under the influence of mind altering drugs. She was wearing only a bra and underwear and had a 10 inch stainless steel butcher knife in her hand, which she put up to her throat, demanding that the officers shoot her.
Officer Michael Crosby (Car 9) also arrived on scene, and the officers radioed their situation to Lynn Control. Sergeant Timothy Magner (S1), who was on the way, requested that Control dispatch an ambulance.  After Officer Crosby met Sergeant Magner at the Franklin Street location to deploy the Less than Lethal Sage Launcher, they joined Officer Crosby and Officer Destefano inside the apartment.
Initially, Officer Hunter was trying to establish a dialog with the suicidal female, as Officer Destefano maintained cover. They then transitioned to Officer Hunter acting as a backup to Officer Crosby’s Sage Launcher; with Sergeant Magner trying to establish a rapport with the female party. Officer Destefano was also covering from the other doorway, and the apartment itself was very small and congested. At that point, all of the officers were within 6-8 feet of the female, who was rambling, incoherent, and constantly threatening to stab herself or demanding that the officers shoot her.
The suicidal female was well-known to the officers as having severe mental health problems, as well as drug and alcohol addiction. Officer Crosby stated that this was “the worst condition in which he had ever seen this individual,” whose behaviors indicated that she was under the influence of some type of hallucinatory drug. She was told repeatedly to drop the knife, which resulted in her telling the officers to “shoot her.” She displayed a wide range of emotions, with crying fits followed by anger. She also changed position frequently, putting the knife to her chest or stomach, while increasing the tension that she might lunge at the officers.
     After a little more than an hour, the female began to calm down, whether by ongoing negotiation, or possibly the lessening effects of whatever drugs were in her system. She told the officers that she had smoked marijuana laced with another substance. After a little more time had passed, the woman requested a cigarette and was promised a cigarette if in exchange, she would agree to drop the knife and go to the hospital. After she smoked the cigarette, she dropped the knife, and was taken to the hospital by ambulance to receive medical attention, escorted by Officers Destefano and Hunter.
This incident was dangerous and life threatening to all present. The responding officers were confronted with a drugged, mentally disturbed suicidal party who was wielding a large butcher knife. They immediately took cover, radioed for assistance, and controlled the scene until backup arrived. Once additional officers arrived and the situation was assessed, a drawn out negotiation was initiated, resulting in a lengthy stand-off. All of the officers present showed remarkable restraint and professionalism. They conducted themselves with great awareness and compassion, utilizing their training and experience. Due to their heroic efforts, the victim was taken into custody without injuring herself or others.

Officer Benjamin Chez

On July 16, 2016, at approximately 0430 hours, Officer Benjamin Chez had positioned his cruiser in a highly visible central location on his route, when he was approached by a male party. Although there was no apparent initial threat, Officer Chez conducted himself with awareness when he noted the male approaching, and exited his cruiser so that he was in a less vulnerable position.  He continued to demonstrate good procedures by notifying dispatch that he was engaged with an individual.  Officer Chez’s actions of engaging the male party verbally while placing himself in a superior tactical position enabled him to maintain control of the encounter.

The individual then asked Officer Chez for a ride, but before allowing the male party to enter his cruiser, Officer Chez immediately conducted a pat frisk. This resulted in the discovery and seizure of an illegally carried firearm and the subsequent arrest of the suspect on weapons charges and an outstanding felony warrant.

It should be noted that the male suspect who was taken into custody by Officer Chez was also present when an associate was arrested on July 14, 2016, for a murder that occurred on July 11th. This suspect was also present in Lynn District Court on July 15th when the same associate was arraigned. He subsequently damaged property outside the court after the arraignment, which resulted in the felony warrant with which he was additionally charged when arrested by Officer Chez. The firearm seized by Officer Chez was also consistent with the murder weapon used on July 11th and has been submitted for analysis.

Though it may never be known what the individual’s intent was that evening, it is certainly possible that he intended to attack Officer Chez.  It is also likely that Officer Chez’s professional handling of the situation prevented this from occurring, and prevented additional violent crimes from taking place.

Detective Stephen Emery

On Monday, July 13, 2015, Detective Stephen Emery and Detective Michael Ferraro were working on street level narcotics interdiction in the Highlands section of the city.  After a period of time, they witnessed a suspected narcotics transaction and quickly decided that one would stop the suspected customers and the other would stop the suspected dealer.  Detective Ferraro stopped the two customers on Rock Avenue, and subsequently recovered 6 twists of heroin.

Detective Emery was able to initially stop and approach the suspect dealer in front of a residence on Jefferson Street.  It was at that point that the dealer made the decision to attempt to flee and avoid arrest by striking Detective Emery with the motor vehicle.  In defense of his own life, Detective Emery discharged his service weapon, striking the suspected drug dealer, who was the operator and lone occupant.  Unfortunately the suspect was fatally wounded.  One of Detective Emery’s first radio transmissions after being struck by the car and then defending himself was to inquire if any unit had gone off with Detective Ferraro.  It should be noted that during the subsequent investigation 35 additional twists of heroin were recovered from the suspected dealer’s vehicle.

The District Attorney’s investigation found that Detective Stephen Emery’s actions were lawful and appropriate.  For his unhesitating willingness to attempt to stop a suspected drug dealer, his response when faced with an immediate life threatening situation, and his uninterrupted concern for his fellow officer.