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If you’re Doing Meth, Carry a Clean Mirror

Sure, one reason to keep your mirror clean is to avoid getting busted. But a clean mirror serves another important purpose Perhaps its time to take a good look at yourself and see if you can live the rest of your life with the person you’ve become.

If meth didn’t offer you some sort of reward, you wouldn’t be doing it. But is meth still providing the emotional benefits it once did, or has it become a way to sustain some semblance of false happiness?
We accept meth into our lives because it makes us feel vibrant and invincible. In the end, it turns on us, leaving us groveling, codependant, and empty.


Take a Good, Hard, Honest Look

Take 3-4 minutes of your life and look at your face in the mirror. If you feel uncomfortable doing this, then is crystal really giving you the confidence you think it is? Would you be proud of the the look in your eyes if you saw that same look in your child, your mother, your brother, or your sister? When you only look attractive and seem exciting to your crystal using friends, it’s likely that your true sense of self and confidence are fading away.


A Choice You Alone Must Make

Meth can seem like a real party and a lot of fun in the moment. You’re popular, sexy, fun, and people want to be around you — who wouldn’t want to be all of those things? But eventually the actions you take on meth abruptly take you to places where you’re completely alone.

Whether that is spending time in a jail cell, or trying to find somewhere to sleep after family members have had enough of the insanity, it is you alone that is left to pick up the pieces. There is an epidemic spreading of AIDS among meth users who die alone while the world, while their friends, and their sexual partners go on without them.

There is no doubt that your actions and inactions on meth will begin to strip away the life you’ve built and drive you to that lonely place — it’s only a matter of time. Only one person who has the power to change your future, and that is the face in the mirror.


Not Being Easy Isn’t An Excuse

If you’ve reached the point where your actions on meth are adversely impacting your life, you probably feel that quitting will be more difficult and painful than continuing the insanity of using. But this is no excuse not to change. A judge, your family, and the rest of the world aren’t concerned about how easy it is for you. They will eventually remove you from their presence if you won’t help yourself. There are programs available that will give you the real tools you need to put your life back together for good. Programs where people truly care about your struggle and are there to help you overcome the insanity. The real question is, will you do it?

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