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Evidence Control Officer

Officer Mark Richmond


Monday – Friday

Evidence Lockers

Evidence lockers used to secure submitted items of evidence.

During the course of a year, the Lynn Police Department handles hundreds of seized and recovered property cases. These cases account for the thousands of pieces of evidence and property that are securely held by Evidence Control.


Is generally an item which was stolen and then recovered by a citizen or police officer, or an item which was found by a citizen (Lost & Found) and turned over to the police department.


When property is turned in to the department, it is placed into a secure area for safekeeping while the police attempt to locate the owner. In some cases the property is easily traced to the owner and released in a matter of days. In other cases no information exists to begin a search and the property remains unclaimed. Once all legal processes are completed, unclaimed property is destroyed.


An item is considered to be evidence if it relates to the commission of a crime which is currently under investigation. Due to the way evidence is used in an investigation and at trial, it is handled differently from property. Documentation of who examines, handles, or takes possession of an item (chain of custody), is strictly monitored. Evidence is kept in a vault where entry is limited to the Evidence Control Officer.


Evidence or property that is brought to the Evidence Control Officer is examined and then recorded in the Department’s property tracking system. If necessary, the evidence would then be processed for fingerprints and/or photographed. The evidence would then be secured in the Evidence Control vault to await a trial or disposition.