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Special Investigations Unit

The Special Investigations Unit (SIU) deals with a range of vice related offenses such as drugs, prostitution, gaming, bars and other licensed establishments. It is also assigned other duties as necessary. One of these includes the follow-up investigation of non-fatal drug overdoses during their tour of duty.

SIU normally works from 6:00 PM to 2:00 AM seven days a week, but will work on special assignments as needed. It has eight officers assigned to it, including the OIC (a lieutenant) and an Executive Officer (a sergeant).

Many of the officers assigned to the SIU have extensive investigative experience including experience in the preparation of search warrants. Their expertise has proven invaluable in assisting other members of the department. SIU coordinates with the Drug Task Force to enhance our drug enforcement efforts.

SIU has been responsible for removing large quantities of illegal drugs and firearms from our community. It also visits bars and other licensed establishments and takes enforcement action where needed.



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Special Investigations Unit
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