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Lynn Police Dept - 300 Washington Street Lynn, Massachusetts 01902

Department Profile

As of 2014 the Lynn Police Department has employed 183 sworn officers, 15 support staff personnel, and 4 full time and 1 part time detention assistants.

Our sworn officers are divided among various divisions, units, and offices. They are further divided by shifts and work groups to provide for coverage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All of our support staff are assigned to days. Detention assistants must also provide 24 hour coverage.

The Chief of Police is assisted by two Deputy Chiefs and a Confidential Assistant. Both Deputy Chiefs are sworn officers. The Confidential Assistant is the most senior level non-sworn member of the department.

The Deputy Chief of Operations oversees our Patrol Divisions, Criminal Investigation Division (and all units under this), and our Traffic Office. The Deputy Chief of Administration oversees our Training Unit, Internal Affairs, Public Information, Court, Fleet, Physical Plant, Grants, Evidence Control, Support Staff, Communications and Information Technology, Budget and related administrative functions.

In addition to assisting the chief on a range of both operational and administrative matters, the Confidential Assistant to the Chief is responsible for day to day oversight of all support staff, budgeting, purchasing, payroll and billing.

An analysis of Lynn police employees include the following:

  • Male – 172
  • Female – 31

Number of officers by rank

  • Chief – 1
  • Deputy Chief – 2
  • Captain – 5
  • Lieutenant – 15
  • Sergeant – 19
  • Patrol Officer – 142