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Motorized Scooters

Lynn City Ordinance: Prohibiting the Operation of any Motorized Scooter, Skateboard, or Other Motorized Vehicle on any Public Way and Sidewalk in the City of Lynn.

The Lynn City Council passed an amending order to the above listed ordinance which is dated July 13, 2004. This amending ordinance reads as follows:

Section 1: An Ordinance amending the Ordinance prohibiting the operation of any motorized scooter, motorized skateboard, motorized bicycles or other motorized vehicle on any public way or sidewalk, in the City of Lynn is herby established.

Section 2: The following vehicles shall be exempt from the provisions of this ordinance: a) vehicles licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as motor vehicles; b) vehicles manufactured and designed for the transport of handicapped persons as those persons have been defined by State and Federal law; c) landscaping equipment.

Section 3: Any person violating the provisions of this ordinance may be punished by a fine of not more than One Hundred ($100.00) Dollars for each offense.

Section 4: The City of Lynn Police Department shall have the authority to seize any motorized scooter, motorized skateboard, motorized bicycles or other motorized vehicle when operated on any public way or sidewalk in violation of the provisions of this Ordinance.

Section 5: When the determination is made to seize any motorized scooter, motorized skateboard, motorized bicycles or other motorized vehicle, the police shall obtain the identity of the owner or person operating the equipment and give the person a receipt listing and describing items seized. Items seized or impounded shall be kept in custody until fines are paid or judicial process involving the case has been completed. In instances where the offender is under the age of eighteen, the items seized may only be released to the offender’s parent or legal guardian.

Section 6: For repeat offenses of this Ordinance, police may seek permission in the court for disposition or destruction of the equipment.

Section 7: For subsequent violations, reports concerning the same address or same individual, the police prosecutor shall be empowered to seek a criminal complaint based on documents filed and to seek the imposition of a fine and/or community service a the discretion of the Court.

Section 8: All ordinances or parts of ordinances inconsistent herewith are hereby repealed.

Section 9: This Ordinance shall take effect upon its adoption and approval, after advertising as adopted.

The amending ordinance now gives the power to the Lynn Police to seize the offending motorized vehicle when the violation is witnessed by the officer. Previously to this amending ordinance the Lynn Police were required to warn the offender during a first offense and could seize the vehicle during any subsequent offense, but there was no clear way to track all of the possible warnings given offenders by the members of the Lynn Police.

Now that this new amending ordinance is in effect the Lynn Police Department will be strongly enforcing this ordinance and will seize any vehicle found to be in violation of this Ordinance.