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Heroin Use

When Death is Preferable to Kicking Heroin, It’s Time to Fight

There are 3 ways to kick heroin. One is to die, the second is to get locked up with no access to heroin, and the third is to make the law-heroinchoice to live through the hell of withdraw and emerge on the other side as a whole person again. Look at the personal experiences with heroin users you know, and you will draw this same conclusion. Which will you choose?

If you’ve been forced into withdraw through a jail sentence, you know the torture of withdraw without help and support. You know that you would do just about anything to get more heroin and feel ok again. If you’re not to that point, with continued use you will be. To remove heroin or methadone from your life will be painful, devastating, terrifying, and it will save your life.

Will you fight for your life?

Do you remember how it felt when your body was healthy and vibrant? Do you remember the giddy feeling of being in love? Can you recall what it felt like to wake up in the morning and look forward to simple pleasures? No matter how distant those things seem, you can experience those pure feelings again. It is possible on the other side of the dark tunnel of heroin withdrawal.

In the course of your life, the several months it will take to detox from heroin are little more than a blip in time. The months after treatment when you learn how to pick up the pieces of your life and practice a system of sobriety is a period of awakening that can be compared with a rebirth if you choose to embrace it. Though in a state of insanity, death itself may seem more inviting than living through the hell of withdraw, there are many people just like you who have taken back their lives from heroin. Will you?

If you don’t make the choice to change, eventually friends, family, and society will turn its back on you. At best, you’ll live a private hell alone with other users who care more about heroin than they do about you or you’ll spend your life behind bars sober and miserable. At worst, you’ll be in a casket and people will talk of what a shame it was that your life ended as it did.


Recovery is possible

Jail is not the place to sober up and recover. If you’ve already found yourself in jail or in legal trouble because of heroin, you have come face to face with the fact that there is little tolerance for your behavior in society. In order to kick heroin, you must have a safe environment where people will hold you accountable for your actions, but will also give you the tools to bring your body and mind back to a state of sanity.

You alone must make the decision of whether you will live a life of authentic happiness, a life of hell, or if you will trade your one life for a drug that has led you where you are today. If you’ve done heroin for any length of time, you know better than anyone does that the time to make this important decision is running out. If your life is worth fighting for, ask someone for help today.



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