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Is your Alcohol Problem More Serious than You Realize?law-alcohol

Because we live with ourselves day in and day out, it can be difficult to see the small changes taking place that eventually turn into big problems.

If you’ve been arrested for drunk driving or impulsive actions you took while drinking, it may be a sign that alcohol has taken over more control of your life than is healthy.
Have you lost sight of the big picture of your life?

An addiction has a tendency to make us become very short-sighted in our thinking. It becomes difficult to see of the “big picture” of our lives — things like taking steps to realize the dreams we once had for our lives, how to nurture long term relationships, and how to achieve genuine long-term happiness. Instead, addictions consume us with thoughts of how to maintain the false feeling of happiness we have come to depend on and how to undo what we’ve done or failed to do while under the influence. Are you working toward your ultimate life goals, or have they slowly slipped away?


Sometimes a crisis is a wake up call to action

Life is a series of choices which you are in control of. Will you choose to turn an arrest into another reason to drink, or will you make the choice to change your life? We all make mistakes in life, but it is what we do when we come face to face with the repercussions of our actions that define our true character. The penalties for breaking the law are severe and they will continue if you if you continue to make the same choices. The only way to achieve different results is to take a different course of action.


An addiction isn’t just your business

You may feel that your choice to consume alcohol is your business, but the truth is that the irresponsibility inherent to someone intoxicated takes a terrible toll on society. Each year, tens of thousands of sons and daughters, husbands and wives, brothers and sisters, are killed each year by drunk drivers. Throughout the United States, and perhaps in your own home, children and spouses are neglected and abused as a result of a family member’s alcohol addiction. If these things are occurring in your home, then it is critical that you realize that your actions are intruding on the legal rights and liberties of others and that you will likely face consequences for your choice to continue down this path.


Take control before you lose control

Addictions are difficult to overcome alone, but it is ultimately your responsibility to take control of your addiction before it takes greater control over you. There is help for you if you feel the road is too difficult to navigate alone. Anyone can regain control and learn how to find joy, passion, hope, and fulfillment in sobriety. The question is, will you?



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