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Complaint Form

From: Lieutenant William Sharpe

Date: 15 October 2009

Subject: “Who’s Operating Program?”


Recently, the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles discontinued a program that allowed members of the public to report and instigate investigations of improper or reckless operation by other motorists.  The Lynn Police Department, in an effort to ensure traffic safety here in the city, will now post a form for the public to download, complete and mail back to our Traffic Unit.  The form titled “Complaint of Improper Operation” can be found at the traffic department page on our website. It can be used by the public to report both isolated instances of reckless or improper operation and ongoing neighborhood problems with a particular operator, for instance, a vehicle consistently speeding in the neighborhood.  The program is not meant to be anonymous, reporting persons must attest to their identity and their willingness to provide further information if needed.

For general traffic concerns, Sergeant Edward Shinnick, the Officer-in-Charge of the Traffic Safety Unit can be contacted by email at[email protected] or by phone at 781.477.4376.  It should be noted that the department has recently received equipment that allows for the monitoring of speed and traffic patterns of city streets. Anyone with traffic concerns such as speeding, restricted way violations, or any other traffic pattern concerns are encouraged to contact Sergeant Shinnick who will arrange to have the monitoring equipment deployed.