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Emergency Parking

Emergency Parking Restrictions

Due to the volume of snow that we currently have, the DPW Commissioner, through an existing ordinance, has ordered that parking be restricted to the even numbered side of the street as of February 03, 2011 at 4:00 PM, subject to the provisions of the following section of the April 12, 1994 ordinance:

Section 4: From November 15 to March 15 of each year hereinafter defined as the winter season, the DPW Commissioner shall be hereby authorized to declare that there shall be one-sided parking at his discretion, alternating each year, on all non-posted streets being those streets which do not prohibit parking for any reason, throughout the City of Lynn. The odd even parking for the winter season shall be determined as follows. For the winter season beginning March 15, 1994 to March 15, 1995, parking shall be allowed on the even side of the street. In the following winter season, parking shall be allowed on the odd side of the street.

The Police Department and the Parking Department are the authorized enforcement agencies for this ordinance. Violations will be written on the standard parking ticket under “Parking in a Restricted Zone” with a fine of $20.00.