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Safe Return Program

“Safe Return” Program

One of the most devastating experiences for a family coping with Dementia is to have a loved one wander away from home and become lost. In order to give families some degree of security, the Lynn Police Department, in cooperation with the North Shore Alzheimer’s Partnership, Greater Lynn Senior Services (GLSS), and Lynn Community Elder Services, is pleased to announce the adoption of the “Safe Return” Program.

Registration for the program is voluntary, and to participate, all that is required is that the “Safe Return” Registration Form be completed. Information requested on the form includes the person’s name, address, a physical and behavioral description, and a recent photograph. Contact information for family members and neighbors, if appropriate, are also requested. Included along with the local “Safe Return” Registration Form, is information on how to register with the National Alzheimer’s Wanderers Registry. The completed form, along with a recent photograph of the patient are then placed on file with the Lynn Police Department. In the event that the person wanders off, the Lynn Police Department should be contacted immediately, at either 781-595-2000 or via the 9-1-1 system, and informed that the person is registered in the “Safe Return” Program. Lynn PD units will then immediately be furnished with information pertaining to the patient contained in the “Safe Return” Registration Form in order to quickly identify, locate, and safely return the patient home. Information concerning registrants will be confidential and will only be disseminated upon a wandering incident.

Registration forms are available at the Lynn Police Department, Monday thru Friday between the hours of 8:30am and 4:30pm. For further information please contact:

Lieutenant Thomas Reddy
(781) 595-2000

The Lynn Police Department strongly encourages anyone who is concerned about a loved one who tends to wander, to register in the “Safe Return” Program. This is a free community service offered through the Lynn Police Department. Please take advantage of this wonderful program which has been highly successful in other communities.