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Training Department


Training Amphi-Theatre

In-Service Training Room
( front of room toward back )

The Training Unit coordinates or conducts all department recruit training, departmental in-service training, and off-site in-service training attended by department officers.

Providing police officers with up to date training on topics such as use of force, domestic violence, legal updates, firearms, motor vehicle pursuits, officer safety, and the like long ago ceased to be a “luxury” item in police department budgets. In fact, the quantity and quality of police training is an issue in virtually every lawsuit filed against cities for the actions of their officers. Of course, more importantly, consistent high-quality training of our officers provides our community with better policing and hopefully reduces the number of cases where such lawsuits are even filed.


Training Room

In-Service Training Room
( back of room toward front )


The Lynn Police Department takes it’s training responsibility seriously. Every year each sworn member of our department, up to and including the rank of captain, must attend and successfully complete four days of in-service training conducted by department staff.

The Chief and Deputy Chiefs monitor portions of the in-service training and regularly attend numerous professional seminars and other meetings throughout the year.

Firing Range

Computerized Firing Range
( Lt. Scannell in Control Room )

Another illustration of how seriously we take our training is our firearms qualifications. Every officer, up to and including the Chief, is required to attend and successfully complete firearms qualifications annually. This training includes a review of department policy on the use of force as well as a series of live fire drills and the MCJTC firearms qualifications course. Officers who fail to successfully complete their firearms training on their scheduled date must turn in their duty weapon before leaving the range. They are not allowed to work on the street, work any overtime, or work any details until they successfully complete this training.

Department instructors are certified by the Massachusetts Criminal Justice Training Council (MCJTC) and others prior to instructing our officers. The Training Unit is also responsible for coordinating and scheduling the training necessary to re-certify department instructors in various fields.

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