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Cocaine: Not All It’s Cracked Up to Be

If you ever felt that cocaine was an elitist drug, you’ve likely realized that the ramifications are of continued use are far from law-cocaineglamorous.

Cocaine can make you feel more social, more sexual, can allow you to work longer hours, and it can also cause your life to crash and burn, robbing you of everything that was ever good in your life.

Many people who become dependant on cocaine think they have a handle on their use. They only do it to work more� or to spend their free time more vibrantly… or to feel sexually free. They justify the negative consequences like the inability to concentrate on tasks at work… their depressed immune system… or the distance growing between themselves and those that they love.
Cocaine seduces with generous gifts, then takes more than it gives

Living with a cocaine addiction is like being constantly in debt to your own self. In order to feel intense happiness today, you must pay tomorrow with dark depression. In order to sleep less tonight, you will be a zombie for days. In order to concentrate more on one task, you will lose focus on countless others. With cocaine you never win, you only repay yourself later with high interest.

It isn’t until your quality slips so low at work or you’re caught with cocaine and find yourself in jail that the reality of this glamorous drug becomes crystal clear. In the long run, cocaine takes away everything it promised to deliver-success, love, and a passion for life. If these things are truly what you seek, it is possible to generate these emotions from the inside out again, and to break your bond of slavery with cocaine once and for all.


The hardest part can be living with the shame

Cocaine makes us gullible. In the thrill of the high, it’s hard to imagine ever being tired, depressed, or out of control, but it always comes. Then there is always the hope that with just a little more, we can harness that power again and undo the damage we’ve done, but it never happens. In order to end this cycle, it’s necessary to face the crash you’ve been avoiding. You must admit there is a problem, face it head on, learn to overcome the shame of defeat, and find new ways to accomplish naturally what you’re using cocaine to try and achieve.


If not now, when?

At some point, you must look yourself in the eye and ask yourself when you will take your life back. If you truly want to live an authentic life of joy, success, and fulfillment, this cycle of insanity has got to end. You likely already realize this deep within yourself, and now you must make the choice to take action. If you’ve been arrested or experienced legal or financial trouble because of cocaine, it’s time to make the choice between living a life of freedom and being swallowed by addiction. It’s ok to need help, but society and the law have no tolerance for those who refuse to help themselves.



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