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Patrol Division

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   The backbone of any police department is the men and women in uniform assigned to Patrol Divisions. Patrol is our single most important function and consequently it is the area where we assign the most officers.

    The Lynn Police Department has a total of 189 sworn officers. Of this number 112, or 60% are assigned to one of our three Patrol Divisions. These divisions are:

  •     1st Division    (nights)        from  4:55 PM to 12:55 AM

  •     2nd Division   (mornings)    from 12:55 AM to  8:55 AM

  •     3rd Division    (days)          from  8:55 AM to  4:55 PM  

    At present our uniformed Patrol Officers work in both one and two officer units. The one officer units are assigned to each of the seven patrol routes throughout the city. The two officer units are centrally located to provide a rapid response to all major calls and provide assistance to the one officer units when required. Each Division is also assigned three Sergeants who patrol the city, provide assistance to the Patrol Officers and respond to calls as needed.



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