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Records Office


Records Office in Front Lobby

In addition to the sworn members the Lynn Police Department is assisted by fifteen (15) support staff persons, four full-time and one part-time detention assistants, and one custodian.

The members of the Support Staff in our department have a number of responsibilities throughout our building. One of the most common is assisting members of the public who either call or come in to the station in person with questions about reports, accident information, firearm permits, etc. Our department receives several thousand such requests annually.

Many of our support staff employees are assigned to our Records Office and are responsible for processing most of the paperwork generated by our department or forwarded to our department by outside agencies. Included in the above are thousands of incident reports, citations, booking sheets, restraining orders, summonses, pawns, and other documents. The office is supervised by a lieutenant and a head clerk.

Other duties performed by our Records Office and Support Staff include:

  • sorting and filing department internal correspondence
  • sorting and distributing mail
  • maintaining weekly attendance records for all department personnel
  • answering telephones
  • data entry into department computers for incident reports, restraining orders, gun permits, accident reports, pawn sheets, etc.
  • processing licenses to carry firearms and firearm identification cards including paperwork as necessary for suspension and revocations
  • process citations issued by officers
  • payroll and billing
  • purchasing
  • receiving, documenting, and disbursing incoming items and packages
  • copying
  • investigative management
  • assisting the Chief, Deputy Chiefs and others as necessary with preparation and distribution or department memos, orders, correspondence, reports, research, scheduling, etc.
  • maintaining employee personnel files
  • registering all sex offenders
  • background checks on all constables and peddler applicants.

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