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Lynn Police Dept - 300 Washington Street Lynn, Massachusetts 01902

Department History

Present Day Patch & Badge



In the center of the Lynn Police patch and badge is the Seal of the City of Lynn

Description of the City of Lynn Seal

The following shall be the device of the City Seal, as designed by Alonzo Lewis, Esq.

To wit:

A circle enclosing a view of a portion of the city, Nahant being in the center of the foreground, and High Rock in the center of the background; at the right of the center of the foreground, Egg Rock, surrounded by a light-house, in front of the city, on the right, several fishing boats; on the left of the beach, several larger vessels; on the left of the background, the setting sun; at the top of the circular margin, a scroll, containing the words “LYNN, MASS.”; between the words in the middle scroll, a lady’s boot; on the right end of the scroll, an anchor; on the left, a shoe hammer; in the margin, below the scroll, the words “SETTLED, 1629. INSTITUTED A CITY, MAY 14, 1850.”

Past Patch & Badges





LPDbadge001a LPDbage002a


(The above two badges are from the private collection of Deputy Chief Kevin Coppinger.)



(This badge was donated to the Lynn Police Department by Rich Viger on June 16, 2003.)