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Officer of the Month

This award is to recognize the efforts of an individual with the rank of patrol officer, whether assigned to our Patrol Division or one of our special units, who has demonstrated exceptional dedication in the performance of his/her duties during the previous month. This could be from either a single incident or event, or from consistently performing at a high level during the entire month. The award is intended to recognize the efforts of officers that may not necessarily rise to the level of a commendation.

October 2020

This month’s LPD ‘Officer of the Month’ is Officer Sean Coppinger, who is currently assigned to the First Division. Officer Coppinger’s nomination was submitted by Lieutenant Richard Carrow on behalf of himself and Lieutenant Richard Donnelly; and additional positive comments were also submitted by Lieutenant Wentzell and Lieutenant Tucker.
In his written nomination, Lieutenant Carrow stated that “Officer Coppinger constantly displays a high level of professionalism and dedication to duty, and is developing into a much respected officer.”  He reported that “Officer Coppinger works a very active route of Car 10 and Car 14, and he takes an active role in route ownership and knowledge of the persons/players and locations within the route.”
            Lieutenant Carrow also stated that, “Officer Coppinger tackles the issues and problems head on; and is effective in problem solving and handling the wide range of matters to which he is called upon to deal with and handle.”  He further noted that “in addition to his professionalism, Officer Coppinger displays a demeanor which allows him to develop a good rapport with people; especially those persons who suffer from a variety of mental health issues, and he has been very effective in resolving these types of incidents on multiple occasions.”  Lieutenant Carrow also pointed out that “in today’s policing, this is an incredible asset to possess.”
Lieutenant Carrow reported that Officer Coppinger has been recently assigned to work with one of the new officers (Officer Donovan) on a regular basis, and “he has been very helpful and effective in Officer Donovan’s development and understanding of the job.”
He also relayed that on October 1, 2020, Lieutenant Holland received a phone call from a citizen who wished to express his thanks and appreciation to Officer Coppinger for the actions he had taken for this individual during a recent encounter.  The caller also stated “how impressed he had been with Officer Coppinger’s demeanor and professionalism.”
Congratulations and thank you to Officer Coppinger for a job well done.
September 2020
This month’s LPD ‘Officer of the Month’ is Officer John Mackin, who is currently assigned to the Central Business District Bike Patrol Team. Officer Mackin was nominated for this honor by Sergeant Ashley Affonco, and his selection was approved by all in attendance.
In her written nomination, Sergeant Affonco noted that “Officer Mackin is an attentive and diligent officer who performs his duties in a respectful manner with anyone and everyone on a daily basis.”  She reported that he is currently assigned to the CBD Unit, “he is familiar with the people and the problems in our area, and is a constant and reliable source of information.”
As stated by Sergeant Affonco, “Officer Mackin’s influence extends beyond our CBD area. He is a fixture at Curwin Circle and had been able to build a rapport with many people who live in there.  Residents provide Officer Mackin with drug information and have gone to him during murder investigations because of the relationship they have with him.”
Sergeant Affonco also relayed that “Officer Mackin’s work in the schools continues to impact the community positively, and fosters connections that allow us to reach people we normally would not be able to. The connections he has built encourage others to approach us for help and advice.” As stated by Sergeant Affonco, “Officer Mackin was crucial when we participated in meetings such as Prevent the Cycle, as many of those who were in attendance spoke fondly of their interactions with him.”
Sergeant Affonco further noted that “Officer Mackin has a far reaching knowledge and a phenomenal memory which he has used to identify people we come in contact with. This is beneficial in establishing rapport with our homeless population. He is easy to work with and will do anything that is asked of him. He knows how to approach people and treats everyone fairly.”
Congratulations and thank you to Officer Mackin for a job well done.
August 2020

This month’s LPD ‘Officer of the Month’ is Officer Joseph Ricupero, who is currently assigned to the First Division. Officer Ricupero was nominated for this honor by Lieutenant Richard Donnelly, and Sergeant Ashley Affonco also submitted positive feedback on his behalf.

In his written nomination, Lieutenant Donnelly stated that Officer Ricupero works in the central part of the city in Car 9, with Officers Mark Nerich and Ronald Brown. He then noted that Officer Ricupero was temporarily assigned to the Gang Unit in mid-February 2020 and that “his recent return to the Patrol Division in early July has had an immediate impact and a positive effect on the First Division.” Lieutenant Donnelly reported that “Officer Ricupero is playing a major role in addressing the homeless problem in the MBTA Parking Garage; and as a Training Officer for the new police officers who have recently graduated from the police academy.”

Lieutenant Donnelly explained that “Officer Ricupero is a key link for the coordination and communication of information between several different agencies that are addressing the problems being caused by homeless persons residing in the Parking Garage; and that these agencies include Healthy Streets, Caldwell Leasing (Monroe Street Project), MBTA Police, and Keolis to name a few.” He relayed that “Officer Ricupero and the CBD Unit have made several phone calls, sent emails, and set up meetings with these agencies in order to address the problems.”

According to Lieutenant Donnelly, “this is an ongoing collaborative effort that is yielding positive results. Several unregistered and uninsured cars have been removed from the garage, drug paraphernalia and trash have been cleaned up, and homeless parties are being cared for.  Officer Ricupero is self-motivated and driven to pay close attention to these problems and his efforts are sure to bring long term results.”

Lieutenant Donnelly also stated that “Officer Ricupero volunteers to work with the new officers and acts as a training officer and mentor each night that he reports to the Division. He takes the extra time and puts forth extra effort every night working with the new officers, in order to show them proper police patrol tactics and procedures. He further noted that “Officer Ricupero does not expect anything in return and is self-motivated. He has the ability to listen, and makes a supervisor’s life easy.”

Congratulations and thank you to Officer Ricupero for a job well done.

July 2020
This month’s LPD ‘Officer of the Month’ is Officer Eng Chhor, who is currently assigned to the Professional Standards Division as the Court Commitment Officer. Officer Chhor was nominated for this honor by Lieutenant Lawrence Wentzell, and Lieutenant Robert Godbout also submitted positive feedback on his behalf.
In his written nomination, Lieutenant Wentzell relayed that “Officer Chhor had long been a dependable and steady officer on the First Division, whether assigned inside the station or on the street.” He then explained that in January, Officer Chhor took over as the full time Court Officer, following Officer Felix’s retirement. As noted by Lieutenant Wentzell, “This is an important support position on the Third Division that involves coordinating with Lynn District Court as a liaison with the Lynn Police Department, for prisoner bookings, transfers to court custody, and the transition of criminal complaints and warrants left for service by officers on all three Divisions.” He also stated that in his opinion, “the critical importance of this position is often overlooked because of Officer Chhor’s quiet efficiency; and rarely does Officer Chhor encounter an issue that he cannot resolve on his own.”
As noted by Lieutenant Wentzell, “Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Officer Chhor, like all of us, has faced unique challenges. With the closing of the Lynn District Court, the function of the Court Officer evolved to include in-house arraignments and Section #35 proceedings involving conference calls with the court, and telephone attorney consultations for each prisoner;  as well as coordination with the Essex County Sheriff’s Department for custody transfers and the release of prisoners post-arraignment.  Officer Chhor, along with Lieutenant Shinnick and Officer Wonoski, handle these processes, which are time consuming and often complicated, on a daily basis with little, if any involvement or assistance from the Patrol Division.
Lieutenant Wentzell further stated that “Officer Chhor has been a great asset to him and to the Division in general during a difficult time, due to his competence, efficiency and professionalism.”
Congratulations and thank you to Officer Chhor for a job well done.