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Officer of the Month

This award is to recognize the efforts of an individual with the rank of patrol officer, whether assigned to our Patrol Division or one of our special units, who has demonstrated exceptional dedication in the performance of his/her duties during the previous month. This could be from either a single incident or event, or from consistently performing at a high level during the entire month. The award is intended to recognize the efforts of officers that may not necessarily rise to the level of a commendation.

July 2021

This month’s LPD ‘Officer of the Month’ is Detective Richard Fucci, who is assigned to the Gang Unit, but is currently temporarily assigned as a Task Force Officer to the FBI’s High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area/North Shore Gang Task Force. Detective Fucci’s nomination was submitted by Sergeant Michael Gorman, who spoke on his behalf. Additional positive comments were also offered by Lieutenant Timothy Donovan and Captain Mark O’Toole.
In his written nomination, Sergeant Gorman reported that “Detective Fucci has been involved in numerous arrests of violent gang members, which has resulted in a large amount of drug seizures as well as numerous firearms taken off the streets.”  He also stated that Detective Fucci’s role with the FBI’s High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area/North Shore Grant Task Force “makes it difficult for us to see the work that he is putting in every day to create these cases.”
Sergeant Gorman then discussed a numbers of arrests made by Detective Fucci and the Task Force as listed below, and stated that “the work done through these lengthy investigations have no doubt made a significant impact on potential violence which may have occurred  in our city had these arrests not been made.”

Car stop in Maine led the arrest of three (3) suspects in Maine and the recovery of 6 firearms

A known suspect was arrested after search warrant of his house recovered 3lbs of Meth and two (2) Guns. He also noted that the suspect plead out to 15 years.

A known suspect was arrested on Gun and Drug Charges

A known suspect was arrested for his role in Drive by Shooting

A known suspect was arrested for Drug and Firearms Charges 

            Lieutenant Timothy Donovan also supplied the following statistics resulting from the enforcement efforts of Detective Fucci and the Task Force:
10 GPS trackers, 15 cell phone warrants, 13 total search warrants (3 in Lynn), 17 firearms recovered  (2 fully automatic along with drum magazines) 1/2 kilo of fentanyl, 3 pounds of Meth, and $250,000 in cash and property. The Task Force also purchased 1/2 a kilo in fentanyl from one of the known suspects listed above in different buys throughout the investigation.
            Lieutenant Donovan also reported that while in charge of Gang Unit and up until the time Sergeant Gorman took over, he had spoken to Detective Fucci’s Supervisor, Agent Dominic Coppo on many occasions; and Agent Coppo had stated that “Detective Fucci is one of the best Task Force Officers he has had the privilege to work with,” and praised “his excellent work and overall expertise in the field.”
Congratulations and thank you to Detective Fucci for a job well done.

June 2021

This month’s LPD ‘Officer of the Month’ is Officer Jeffrey Aceituno, who is currently assigned to the Third Division. Officer Aceituno’s nomination was submitted by Lieutenant Lawrence Wentzell, who received a written request from Sergeant Michael O’Connell to nominate Officer Aceituno for this honor. Lieutenant Wentzell spoke on Officer Aceituno’s behalf, and after a vote by all in attendance at the June OIC Meeting, Officer Aceituno was selected.

As stated in Sergeant O’Connell’s written request, “Officer Aceituno has served with the Department for six years, is currently assigned to Car 8 and Car 16 on Third Division; and he polices those areas with both tenacity and compassion.”   He also noted that as of the date he submitted his request, “Officer Aceituno was listed as an arresting officer 11 times for the month, which included offense ranging from weapons offenses, to narcotics, and OUI.”

Sergeant O’Connell also wrote that “Officer Aceituno practices route ownership, even in instances where it would be far more convenient to allow another car to write a report, and he does this because he believes in knowing what goes on in his sector.”  He stated that as a result of this, “Officer Aceituno has been invaluable in sharing his knowledge of his route with other officers to solve crimes.”  Sergeant O’Connell further relayed that Detective Sirois has commented to him on the information provided by Officer Aceituno, and then noted a specific example in early April where Officer Aceituno’s knowledge and his willingness to share that information led to warrants being sought for a known suspect for two vehicle breaks in April.  “As stated by Sergeant O’Connell, “Solving crimes like that go a long way in building trust with the community in the capabilities of the Police Department.”

Sergeant O’Connell also pointed out that Officer Aceituno is a Spanish speaking officer, and “his efforts to engage stakeholders of the Hispanic Community in their language helps build trust with the police, particularly in these challenging times where people may otherwise be unwilling to engage” and “as his direct supervisor I have watched him speak with innumerable people just to say hello or share a laugh, which in turn only increases the connections that he had with his route.” He stated that “Officer Aceituno is, at only 6 years on, one of the more senior officers on his division and is often given the duty of training newer officers.  He completes this task with patience, sharing his knowledge of ‘The Job’ and the Department’s expectations of how to do ‘The Job’ correctly.   His reports are thorough, well written, and a great example for our newer officers to emulate.

Sergeant O’Connell also provided the following specific incident “that embodies Officer Aceituno’s work ethic,” as noted below:  

  • On May 29th, Second Division officers believed to have a barricaded suspect armed with a handgun at a Liberty Street location.  Calls went out to Third Division officers to come in early to assist.  Officer Aceituno not only answered the call and reported to duty early, but responded to the incident itself. Having recently completed the FBI’s crisis negotiating course, he put himself to work in harm’s way, in an effort to bring a peaceful close the incident.  Officer Aceituno stood outside the door where an armed suspect was believed to be, and communicated in both English and Spanish, for well over an hour.  In fact, when MSP negotiators arrived on scene with the STOP team, they observed him in negotiation, and determined that they did not need to insert themselves into the incident, since “that kid is doing everything he should be doing.”

As stated by Sergeant O’Connell, “Officer Aceituno approaches the job each day with a willingness to arrest criminals, help his community, and be an example to younger officers.  He is a pleasure to supervise.”

Congratulations and thank you to Officer Aceituno for a job well done.

May 2021

This month’s LPD ‘Officer of the Month’ is Officer Sean Hickey, who is currently assigned to the Second Division. Officer Hickey’s nomination was submitted by Lieutenant Glenn Dunnigan, additional positive feedback was submitted by Lieutenant Michael Kenny; and it was approved by all in attendance at the May OIC Meeting.
In his written nomination, Lieutenant Dunnigan noted that Officer Hickey transferred to this department in June 2019, after serving 10+ years with the Winthrop Police. He further stated that “their loss was certainly a huge gain for this department, in terms of Officer Hickey’s training and experience, along with his calm and professional demeanor.” 
Lieutenant Dunnigan reported that Officer Hickey is certified in Firearms, Taser, Glock Armorer School, AR 15, and has coordinated other firearms training for the Town of Winthrop and the Harbormasters. He also relayed that over the past several weeks, “he has heard a lot of positive feedback as to Officer Hickey’s teaching abilities on the firearms range, as well as in his Taser training and familiarization classes.” He stated that “he has witnessed how Officer Hickey is eager to assist, coach, back up, and critique the younger officers currently assigned to the Morning Division. He is always willing to take a new hire under his wing and show them how to do the job with no complaints.”
Lieutenant Dunnigan relayed that he and the Second Division Sergeants are aware that “Officer Hickey regularly responds to a scene, or to the booking area, when the arresting officers are dealing with an uncooperative prisoner.  As stated by Lieutenant Dunnigan, “It’s not only his size that helps defuse a lot of situations, but rather his calm demeanor when talking with prisoners or to the public at large,” and “Officer Hickey will regularly come into the station as a back-up or respond to a call without being asked.”
            Lieutenant Dunnigan also pointed out the following recent incidents involving Officer Hickey, as noted below:
  • On April 25, 2021, during the Second Division, a 911 call came in reporting a “female walking on Boston Street by New Park, carrying a knife and a bullseye target in her hand”. Officer Hickey was one of the first officers on scene, and coordinated with the responding officers on how to deal with this threat. The female was suffering from obvious mental health issues, and was eventually Tased by Officer Hickey, after several de-escalation attempts had failed. This potential deadly force situation turned into a Section 12 transport to Salem ER.


  • Two weeks ago, we had a prisoner at MGH that was shackled to a gurney, with what turned out to be a defective ankle cuff. Once the cuff was removed by Boston Fire, Officer Hickey took it upon himself to inspect and/or repair our entire booking inventory of shackles, cuffs, waist chains, etc. without being asked.

Lieutenant Dunnigan then stated that “this is just another example of the little things Officer Hickey will do to help out his Brother and  Sister officers, and that other supervisors can attest to the qualities that he brings to this department.”

Congratulations and thank you to Officer Hickey for a job well done.

April 2021

This month’s LPD ‘Officer of the Month’ is Officer Shane Melisi, who is currently assigned to the First Division. Officer Melisi’s nomination was submitted by Lieutenant Richard Carrow on behalf of Lieutenant Donnelly and himself, and was approved by all in attendance at the April OIC Meeting.
In his written nomination, Lieutenant Carrow reported that within the past week, “Officer Melisi has been the recipient of two department- issued Commendations for two high profile incidents that could have turned deadly.”  He noted that the first incident involved a potential suicidal male who had a loaded firearm to his head while suffering from some mental health issues, and that “Officer Melisi, who was one of the primary responding officers, assisted in securing the scene while attempting to develop a dialogue with the male.” Lieutenant Carrow stated that “the incident lasted for an hour and resulted in the male putting down the firearm and surrendering himself to the officers who then transported him to the hospital so that he could obtain treatment.”
The second incident involved the location and apprehension of a suspect who was involved in an armed assault in Sharon, MA.  The arrest took place at Enterprise Rental on the Lynnway, as the suspect was returning the suspect motor vehicle. As described by Lieutenant Carrow, “Officer Melisi was one of the three officers who struggled with the suspect as he resisted the arrest, and they were eventually able to subdue the individual and take him into custody. In addition, the officers recovered a firearm that was in the suspect’s jacket pocket and also a shotgun that was located in the trunk of the rented vehicle.”
Lieutenant Carrow further noted that “Officer Melisi transferred from the Chelmsford Police Department in June of 2019, and is currently assigned to the First Division.  He works regularly in Car 9 and 15 in the downtown and surrounding area.”  He also stated that he and Lieutenant Donnelly both agree that “Officer Melisi is a very diligent officer who always demonstrates a high level of professionalism and commitment to duty.  He is very active and knowledgeable of the problem areas along his route.  He also has been an officer we can count on to work alongside newer, inexperienced officers to provide guidance and leadership.”
Congratulations and thank you to Officer Melisi for a job well done.