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Officer of the Month

This award is to recognize the efforts of an individual with the rank of patrol officer, whether assigned to our Patrol Division or one of our special units, who has demonstrated exceptional dedication in the performance of his/her duties during the previous month. This could be from either a single incident or event, or from consistently performing at a high level during the entire month. The award is intended to recognize the efforts of officers that may not necessarily rise to the level of a commendation.

June 2020

This month’s LPD ‘Officer of the Month’ is Officer Eng Chhor, who is currently assigned to the Professional Standards Division as the Court Commitment Officer. Officer Chhor was nominated for this honor by Lieutenant Lawrence Wentzell, and Lieutenant Robert Godbout also submitted positive feedback on his behalf.

In his written nomination, Lieutenant Wentzell relayed that “Officer Chhor had long been a dependable and steady officer on the First Division, whether assigned inside the station or on the street.” He then explained that in January, Officer Chhor took over as the full time Court Officer, following Officer Felix’s retirement. As noted by Lieutenant Wentzell, “This is an important support position on the Third Division that involves coordinating with Lynn District Court as a liaison with the Lynn Police Department, for prisoner bookings, transfers to court custody, and the transition of criminal complaints and warrants left for service by officers on all three Divisions.” He also stated that in his opinion, “the critical importance of this position is often overlooked because of Officer Chhor’s quiet efficiency; and rarely does Officer Chhor encounter an issue that he cannot resolve on his own.”

As noted by Lieutenant Wentzell, “Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Officer Chhor, like all of us, has faced unique challenges. With the closing of the Lynn District Court, the function of the Court Officer evolved to include in-house arraignments and Section #35 proceedings involving conference calls with the court, and telephone attorney consultations for each prisoner; as well as coordination with the Essex County Sheriff’s Department for custody transfers and the release of prisoners post-arraignment. Officer Chhor, along with Lieutenant Shinnick and Officer Wonoski, handle these processes, which are time consuming and often complicated, on a daily basis with little, if any involvement or assistance from the Patrol Division.

Lieutenant Wentzell further stated that “Officer Chhor has been a great asset to him and to the Division in general during a difficult time, due to his competence, efficiency and professionalism.”

Congratulations and thank you to Officer Chhor for a job well done.

May 2020

This month’s LPD ‘Officer of the Month’ is Officer Oren Wright, who is currently assigned to the School Administration Building as the School Security Officer. Officer Wright was nominated for this honor by Lieutenant David Brown, who submitted positive feedback on his behalf.

In his written nomination, Lieutenant Brown stated that Officer Wright, who is assigned as our School Security Liaison Officer, “is on the front line of community out-reach efforts within our diverse school system.” He further noted that “Officer Wright plays a huge role in ensuring that Lynn schools are a safe place for all students to learn and thrive.”

Lieutenant Brown reported that Officer Wright is currently working with Officer Jen Cash, in order to calm local social media anger involving young people, in response to the death of George Floyd, also relaying that “some of these posts have threatened violence.”

As stated by Lieutenant Brown, “During these difficult and emotional times, Officer Wright has emphasized the message that the Lynn Police Department stands united with our community, in condemnation of what occurred in Minneapolis.” He also mentioned that during the recent protest at the Lynn Police Department, “Officer Oren Wright was once again on the front line; he would like to acknowledge Officer Wright’s efforts to bring our diverse city together; and that we have to be part of All Lynn.”

Congratulations and thank you to Officer Wright for a job well done.

April 2020

This month’s LPD ‘Officer of the Month’ is Officer John Clem, who is assigned to the First Division. Officer Clem was nominated for this honor by Lieutenant Richard Donnelly. In addition, positive feedback was also submitted by Lieutenant Richard Carrow, Sergeant Robert Avery, and Sergeant Timothy Donovan.

In his written nomination, Lieutenant Donnelly stated that “Officer Clem is a 9- year veteran of the Lynn Police Department and an asset on Division.” He also noted that “Officer Clem has been instrumental in assisting officers who have recently graduated from the police academy.” He reported that “the First Division street supervisors have all commented on “Officer Clem’s willingness and ability to assist the younger officers on the street,” and “are impressed with the way he carries himself.”

Lieutenant Donnelly further noted that Officer Clem “consistently backs up fellow officers and takes control of situations when needed,” and that “Officer Clem can be heard night in, and night out, assisting other cars.”

Lieutenant Donnelly also stated that “Officer Clem is an excellent dispatcher and willing to assist inside the station whenever he is needed.” He also provided two recent examples “that reflect positively upon Officer Clem and the department during the month of April.”

  • On April 07, 2020, at 2039 hours, a 29 year old victim was shot twice at a Whiting Street address. Officer Clem (Car 12) was heading that way when he diverted to catch up to the shooting suspect. A witness had called into the station and reported he was following the suspect, who was attempting to flee the scene in a motor vehicle. Officer Clem requested permission to leave the City when it appeared that the suspect vehicle was heading into Saugus. A pursuit of the suspect vehicle ensued, with three armed suspects bailing out of the car on Webb Place in Saugus. Officer Clem assisted other officers in apprehending all three suspects. Two firearms were found inside the suspect vehicle, and confiscated by the LPD.
  • On April 10, 2020, at 2231 hours, several cars responded to the area of Buffum Street on the call of gunshots. Officer Clem heard the call, and headed to that location. The scene was chaotic with multiple calls for shots fired on Willow, Oxford, and Mulberry Streets.  It was Officer Clem who was able to locate a witness and help officers understand what was happening. Officer Clem communicated that two male suspects were walking, while one of these males was firing a handgun up into the air as they walked along the streets in the downtown area.  Officer Clem gave a description of the suspects and their direction of travel. Twelve .45 cal. shell casings were found scattered on Oxford, Willow, and Mulberry Streets. Officer Clem also took the lead and responsibility of filing the initial incident report.

As stated by Lieutenant Donnelly, “Officer Clem’s willingness to assist other officers and his overall demeanor make him an asset to the Department.” He also noted that “Officer Clem has worked as a Lynn Police Officer since 2011 and never been chosen for Officer of the Month.” and that “Officer Clem does outstanding work night in and night out and deserves recognition for both of these incidents and many others.”

Congratulations and thank you to Officer Clem for a job well done.

March 2020

This month’s LPD ‘Officer of the Month’ is Officer Pablo Figueroa, who is assigned to the First Division. Officer Figueroa was nominated for this honor by Lieutenant Lawrence Wentzell. In addition, positive feedback was also submitted by Lieutenants Richard Donnelly and Robert Godbout.

In his written nomination, Lieutenant Wentzell reported that on April 5, 2020, the LPD received a call from the Phillips Care Center regarding an emergency alert that they received from an elderly client. Officer Figueroa, along with Officer Benjamin Chez, responded to an Essex Street address for a well-being check. Upon arrival, the officers found an 85 year old man who had recently been discharged from the hospital and had not eaten in several days. The officers checked and found no fresh edible food in the home, so they took it upon themselves to take immediate action and provide help. Officer Chez went to Market Basket and bought groceries for the man, while Officer Figueroa went to Brothers Deli and bought the man a hot breakfast.

Lieutenant Wentzell then relayed that when he spoke to the officers later to commend them on their actions, Officer Figueroa stated that “I think anyone would do that.” As noted by Lieutenant Wentzell, “he was not sure that he agreed that anyone would have responded in the same way,” and it was his belief that “one random act of kindness might not define character, but goes a long way, especially now.”

Lieutenant Wentzell also reported that in his prior assignments to the Morning Division, as both a Sergeant and a Lieutenant, “he could personally attest to Officer Figueroa’s dedication, attitude and overall excellent job performance. He works, and consistently has worked a difficult route covering the Highlands and the downtown area. Officer Figueroa, along with other Second Division officers, worked diligently in the fall of 2019 in to address prostitution and antisocial behavior in the Union Street area. Officer Figueroa is an officer who makes good decisions and turns them into successful outcomes. He will accept any assignment without complaint and can be relied on in any situation.”

Lieutenant Wentzell also acknowledged the efforts of Officer Chez, noting that both he and Officer Figueroa “do outstanding work, night in and night out, and it was difficult to separate one from the other, particularly in this recent incident on Essex Street.” He then explained that because Officer Chez has been recognized three times as Officer of the Month and Officer Figueroa has been recognized twice, that factored into his nomination.. In conclusion, Lieutenant Wentzell stated that “Officer Figueroa is an officer who justifiably could be considered for this honor every month.”

Lieutenant Richard Donnelly seconded this nomination, stating that “Officer Figueroa is well deserving, consistently does more than is expected of him, and does not expect anything in return.” He also noted that Officer Figueroa checks into the CO’s Office every morning before he gets dressed, because he is used as a fill in houseman when needed. Lieutenant Donnelly then relayed that he has asked Officer Figueroa many times where he wants to work and his answer is the same every time, ‘Wherever you need me’.”

Congratulations and thank you to Officer Figueroa for a job well done.