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Officer of the Month

This award is to recognize the efforts of an individual with the rank of patrol officer, whether assigned to our Patrol Division or one of our special units, who has demonstrated exceptional dedication in the performance of his/her duties during the previous month. This could be from either a single incident or event, or from consistently performing at a high level during the entire month. The award is intended to recognize the efforts of officers that may not necessarily rise to the level of a commendation.

June 2019

This month’s LPD ‘Officer of the Month’ is Officer Thomas Morley, who is assigned to the Third Division. Officer Morley’s nomination for this honor was submitted by Deputy Desmarais and was approved by many of our COs/OICs.

As noted in our written nomination, Officer Morley has long worked a busy route with a lot of ongoing problems that require regular attention. He continues to work this route after many years, out of his commitment to his partners and his commitment to route ownership. He often uses his personality and his verbal skills to address situations so that they end without an arrest, or at least without a struggle. On Tuesday of this week, Officer Morley played a key role in talking an armed party, who was wanted for a freshly committed felony, out of a barricaded home.

Officer Morley recognizes the need, and the expectation that society now places upon us to deescalate situations, and to be better prepared for this he voluntarily became one of the Department’s Crisis Negotiators and also attended Crisis Intervention Training. Officer Morley has also been the subject of many Letters of Appreciation from the family members of people that he has taken the time to assist, and his sense of humor at Third Division Roll Call can sometimes make the start of the shift a bit easier for everyone.

In addition, Lieutenant Richard Donnelly also submitted positive feedback on behalf of Officer Morley, noting that “he is an informed officer concerning issues on his route and the persons responsible for any anti-social and criminal behavior.”  He further stated that “no matter who he is assigned with, he continues to display a high level of professionalism and dedication to duty.  He is a valuable asset to the Department and always willing to assist when he is called upon.”

Congratulations and thank you to Officer Morley for a job well done.

May 2019

This month’s LPD ‘Officer of the Month’ is Officer Michael Crosby, who is assigned to the Second Division. Officer Crosby was nominated for this honor by Lieutenant Michael Kenny, who spoke on his behalf, and his selection was approved by many of our COs/OICs. In addition, Lieutenant Wentzell, Lieutenant Coleman, and Sergeant Nardone all submitted positive feedback on behalf of Officer Crosby, including praise for his efforts as a “conscientious, diligent, and dependable patrol officer” and as “an excellent defensive tactics instructor who represents the department well.”
In his written nomination, Lieutenant Kenny explained that he had attended the Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training (ALERRT), which was held at the GE the previous week; and that Officer Crosby, along with Lieutenant William Sharpe, Officer Michael McHale, and Officer Taylor Haberek instructed the active shooter response training geared toward first responders.
As stated by Lieutenant Kenny “While all of the instructors were well informed and provided excellent instruction; Officer Crosby stood out as having an exceptional grasp of the course material and conducted himself with impressive professionalism.” He further relayed that “Officer Crosby brought high energy to the instruction, made the role play scenarios realistic, and kept the attention of all in attendance throughout the two day training.” He further noted that “it was obvious that Officer Crosby put a lot of time and energy into preparation.” 
Lieutenant Kenny also pointed out that there were many officers from different departments throughout the area in attendance for the Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training, and stated that “he was thoroughly impressed with how Officer Crosby represented the Lynn Police Department,” and that “he is deserving of recognition for his efforts.”
Congratulations and thank you to Officer Crosby for a job well done.

April 2019

 This month’s LPD ‘Officer of the Month’ is Officer John Mackin, who is assigned to the Third Division. Officer Mackin was nominated for this honor by Lieutenant Michael Kenny, and his selection was approved by many of our COs/OICs. 

In his written nomination, Lieutenant Kenny stated that “Officer Mackin recently received a Letter of Recognition for his role in the safe handling and peaceful conclusion of a tense and life threatening situation involving an armed and suicidal party.” He also noted that “Officer Mackin has received several letters of appreciation from community members over the years thanking him for his compassion and response to incidents as simple as a well-being check during a nor’easter storm, to life saving actions in an overdose.” 

Lieutenant Kenny also reported that in discussing nominees with the Third Division Command Staff, Sergeant Timothy Donovan endorsed Officer Mackin and submitted the following on his behalf: 

  • “Officer Mackin is a veteran Officer who can be consistently relied upon to handle whatever comes his way.  Officer Mackin has made many contacts in the community in all his years as a CLT, SRO and Car 11 route officer in West Lynn.  The administration at Classical still contacts him directly with questions or concerns and Officer Mackin always takes the time to help out and handle whatever the concern.  Officer Mackin takes pride in his work and truly cares about the people who live in his area.” 
  • “The manager of King’s Lynne, Sue Vacchii, is another person who has come to rely on Officer Mackin, oftentimes contacting him directly with issues in the complex.  She has made comments to me in the past of Officer Mackin’s value to her and the staff.” 
  • Officer Mackin handles all matters, big and small, with the same level of positive vigor.  A recent example comes from a shoplifting incident at Stop & Shop. The suspects stole $70 worth of personal hygiene products.  Officer Mackin didn’t just write the report and be done with it.  He viewed the video and was able to make an identification using CJIS for one of the parties.  He then recognized a female suspect as someone who frequents the downtown area.  He contacted officers who work that route and were able to give him the name of her boyfriend.  He then found pictures in-house and identified him from the video.  He issued a summons for each party.  While this may seem like something small, it means a lot to the people and victims involved.” 
  • Sergeant Donovan noted that “Officer Mackin consistently takes extra steps and thoroughly investigates all issues because he cares.  As his direct supervisor, I never have to worry about any call that he is going to.  I know that whatever it is, it will be handled diligently and usually with a positive outcome and experience for the caller or victim.”
Lieutenant Kenny also mentioned that DTF OIC Sergeant Robert Avery relayed to him that in the beginning of April, Officer Mackin was instrumental in providing information for a Drug Task Force search warrant at Curwin Circle that resulted in an arrest for distribution of Class B and the seizure of Crack Cocaine. 
As stated by Lieutenant Kenny, “Officer Mackin is a valuable asset to the Department and the citizens of the City and is well deserving of recognition.” 
Congratulations and thank you to Officer Mackin for a job well done.

March 2019

This month’s LPD ‘Officer of the Month’ is Officer Roger Tinkham, who is assigned to the First Division. Officer Tinkham was nominated for this honor by Lieutenant David Brown, the nomination was seconded by Lieutenant Marie Hanlon, and his selection was approved by many of our COs/OICs.

In his written nomination, Lieutenant Brown explained that Officer Tinkham is a veteran officer who is assigned to East Lynn on the First Division.  He went on to say that “his strong work ethic is impressive and he always follows through on the quality of life issues, criminal investigations, or whatever ‘less glamorous’ task is asked of him.” As reported by Lieutenant Brown, “it doesn’t matter if it is a convoluted domestic, or an end of the shift OUI, Officer Tinkham cuts no corners.”

Lieutenant Brown also discussed ongoing problems with juveniles entering into the old Thurgood Marshal Middle School. He relayed that “Officer Tinkham and his partner recently encountered approximately 10 juveniles, and followed through with the tedious task of identifying them, and seeking court complaints. Additionally, he took the time to inform their schools.” As stated by Lieutenant Brown, “the easy thing would have been to just tell the kids to leave, but this would not have addressed the problem,” and then further noted that “there are numerous examples of Officer Tinkham going above and beyond to get the job done right.”

In conclusion, Lieutenant Brown also mentioned that he has utilized Officer Tinkham as a training officer for the new officers assigned to the First Division just about every night.  He then stated that, “there are other officers on nights, who are great teachers, but not every officer cares to do this every night. Officer Tinkham never complains about anything, and when the new officers are with him, I know that they are being taught to do things by the numbers.”

Congratulations and thank you to Officer Tinkham for a job well done.